The List

(In random order)

  1. Learn to cook something.
  2. Bake a cake from scratch.
  3. Learn one new Slovak word every day (starting 1st of march).
  4. Enter a video contest.
  5. Hold up a free hugs sign and hug at least 33 strangers.
  6. See a Broadway show.
  7. Try steak tartare (raw beef meat).
  8. Get 100 subscribers for my YouTube channel.
  9. Go skinny dipping.
  10. Have my own flat.
  11. Ride in a limousine.
  12. Watch a movie at an open-air cinema.
  13. Teach and offer speech and drama courses.
  14. Reconnect with an old friend.
  15. Start a blog and maintain it till at least the end of this year.
  16. Scream as loudly as I possibly can.
  17. Have a “money free” weekend.
  18. Speak only in Slovak for 33 hours.
  19. Learn to rollerblade.
  20. Host a couchsurfer.
  21. Get my body into optimum shape.
  22. Climb to the top of the statue of liberty.
  23. Go to the southernmost point of mainland Europe (Punta de Tarifa, Spain).
  24. Tour my neighborhood on foot.
  25. Watch every movie that has won an Academy Award for Best Picture in the last 33 years.
  26. Swim in the sea.
  27. Surprise someone.
  28. Write my will.
  29. Fly a kite.
  30. Be my own boss.
  31. Make somebody’s dream come true.
  32. Try go-kart racing.
  33. Repot my plants.

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