Help save my cousin’s life

Dear blog buddies,

You most likely don’t know me.  Perhaps you came across my blog just now.  I started this blog almost a month ago to document my adventure as I attempt to complete my 33 things to do before my birthday this year.   It’s supposed to be about my life and things I want to do and achieve.   Alas, life is so unpredictable.  Just when you think you have everything under control, life throws you a curve ball and you’re not prepared for it.

Today, I got the news from my mom that my cousin, Daniel, has been put on the waiting list for a liver transplant.  He was diagnosed with Hepatitis C late last year.  He contracted Hepatitis C as a child when he had blood transfusions as part of his treatments for leukemia.  Thanks to the “fantastic”  public healthcare system in Malaysia, his Hepatitis C infection went undetected for a long time .

This month, his illness has progressed to the point where his liver is shutting down.  Hence the reason why he is on the waiting list for a liver transplant.  The process of finding a donor will be a long and complicated one.  His doctor wants to in inject a potent antiviral serum into his body to prolong the life of his kidney while he waits for a donor.  This is a 60% chance of keeping his liver functioning for at least a few years.

Daniel is only 24 this year.  He still has so much to live for.  I watched him battle cancer when he was only a baby.  He was such a trouper.  I wish I could help him back then but I was a kid myself and I felt helpless. Many of my family members are helping financially and emotionally.  I want to do my part and to help as much as possible.  There are things more important in life such as to actually save a life.  This is urgent and important.  More important than anything on my list of 33 things.  Daniel’s first round of antiviral medication will cost around 20,000Euros.  I am campaigning to collect donations to help pay for Daniel’s medical expenses.   Please help me raise 8,000Euros.  This sum will not cover his first round of antiviral medication but it will be an excellent message of encouragement and support for him and his family.

I’ve started a fund-raising drive for Daniel on GoFundMe website.  You can help me save a life.  You can help me let Daniel know that he is not alone in his battle.  Let him know that people from all over the world support him and want him to get better.  Please reblog , share, donate and spread the word.  Thank you very much.


A picture of Daniel Chong 


4 thoughts on “Help save my cousin’s life

  1. You have my love and support. I wish I could help you out, because I have a family member that’s going through a similar situation, however unfortunately with my spinal injury I can’t work. You have my utter support though! Keep strong you’re doing so good for him!

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