Slovak words of the day

I missed two posts.  It was my fault.  I went out with a friend last Friday and I had one drink too many.  Well, I was actually so sick the next day I couldn’t get out of bed except to vomit and pee.  I had never been so hung over my whole life.  I’m not even a party animal.  In fact, I rarely go out these days.  I’ve made up my mind that I will never ever put myself through such torture again.  Anyway, here are a few useful Slovak phrases for me to learn.   They will make up for the missed posts.

To je nezmysel – this is nonsense or this is craziness

Zbláznil/Zbláznila si sa? – are you crazy?

čo je s tebou? – what’s wrong with you?



5 thoughts on “Slovak words of the day

  1. These are particularly useful. 😉 I appreciate your Slovak vocabulary lessons.

  2. Sometimes you can learn best when you’re drunk 😛

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