Slovak words of the day

I know I haven’t been posting daily.  I was without internet for a few days (which was horrible) and I got a bit distracted last week.  I am however, still learning Slovak and haven’t given up! 🙂 Here are some words I’ve learned over the past week.

My sme ženy – We are women.

My sme dievčatá – We are children.

Ja som dievča – I am a child girl.

Muz a peňaženka – A man and a wallet.

Toto sú stromy – These are trees.

Budova a strom – A building and a tree.


2 thoughts on “Slovak words of the day

  1. actually, dievčatá means girls. child is dieťa. children – deti.

    good luck with your Slovak!

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