Slovak word of the day

Birthday – Narodeniny

Example: Today is my birthday – Dnes je moje narodeniny

How to wish someone a happy birthday in Slovak:

Všetko najlepšie k narodeninám


2 thoughts on “Slovak word of the day

  1. Hi Hon. My name is Alan. I am a Slovak currently living in London. I am sure you’re not going to like to hear it but “Dnes je moje narodeniny.” is incorrect. The correct way is Dnes su moje narodeniny. To wish somebody happy birthday one would say. Vsetko najlepsie k vasim or tvojim narodeninam. Vasim is formal, tvojim is informal. Does it sound confusing?

    • Hi Alan! Thanks for the correction! I checked with my Slovak friends about the birthday greeting and they told me that my version and your version are both used and correct. 🙂 And you’re right about “dnes su moje narodeniny”. Dakujem pekne!

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