Slovak Words of the day (probably also month)

I know, I know.  I have been very lazy.  I haven’t really learned a new Slovak word a day over the last several months.  I’m embarrassed and I’m not proud of it.  I will not give myself any excuses.  It was really all my fault.  I did, however, write down a few Slovak words that I frequently encounter.  Any tips on how not to be lazy?

Bude – It will be (infinitive form)

Budem – I will be

Ponuka – Offer

Dovera – Trust

Potreba – Need, Potreby – Needs

Potrebujem – I need

Riešenie – Solution

Dohoda – Agreement

Nedohoda – Disagreement

Vyjednávanie – Negotiation

Pripraviť sa – to prepare,  Pripaveny – Prepared

Slobodny – Single

ľudia – People

človek – Person

Miestnosť – Room, miestnosti (plural)